Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Semester Conversion for Business Students

As was started last week, I am going around to different colleges and groups of students and finding out how semester conversion will impact them. This week I went and discovered how business students will be impacted and what they should consider when planning for next year. I found out the following things:

  • Business students, for the first time in the Saunders College, will have classes on Fridays. With courses being offered three times a week for an hour a day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or two times a week for an hour and a half (Tuesday and Thursday) or just once a week for three hours. Now those are only some of the possible combination of days and times. The fact is however, business students will have classes on Fridays. This may not seem like a huge deal to those majors that have always had classes on Fridays; however, if you are a current business student, the change will be felt.

  • Like many other colleges, classes in Saunders are changing. Classes are being combined, removed from the program plans, or changing names. Majors and minors are being added Orr titles are being changed. It will be important to work one on one with your advisor to make sure you are taking the classes necessary for your new program plan.

  • In terms of co-op, Saunders College students will now have to complete either one semester of co-op or two summer co-ops. Planning these out will be important. Talking to your advisor if you have already completed one of your co-op requirements on quarters will be important to create your I.A.P.

Are you a business student? If you are you may have questions and we can answer them. Tweet us or message us on Facebook or contact your advisor for help on your I.A.P. and making your transition to semesters as smooth as possible.

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