Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Semester Conversion is Coming

Rochester Institute of Technology is converting to semesters on August 26th, 2013.  The university will be preparing for the switch to semesters over the next year.  This blog was set up by the Semester Conversion team to answer questions and give out information that will help students prepare for the conversion and make sure they stay on track and graduate on time. 

In the next year (2012-13 academic year) it will be extremely important for students to meet with their advisors and set up an Individual Advisement Plan (I.A.P.).  These plans help prepare students for the switch to semesters because classes and requirements are going to be shifting within majors as we switch from quarters to semesters.

The IAP will include a break down of the requirements students will need to take (classes and co-op included) in order to graduate on time. 

Your academic adivsor will be contacting you over the course of the next academic year to sit down and talk about your I.A.P. (students do not need to initiate these meetings).  These meetings will allow you to ask questions and plan out your remaining career at RIT.  This IAP is not a binding agreement but a draft of what students should follow in order to graduate on time as planned.

Stay tuned for more information!

Get to Know: Courtney Tennant

Hey RIT community, my name is Courtney Tennant and I transferred in enough credits coming out of high school in 2010, that I am currently a 4th year new media marketing major in Saunders College of Business with a mass media communications minor.  I will be graduating next May (a year early) and continuing on with the 4 + 1 MBA program.

I am currently completing my double block Co-Op with the RIT GeneSIS project.  I have just been hired to work on the Semester Conversion project, as well as, at Accelerate Media in downtown Rochester part-time. 

I have been working with Twitter (@courtnettennis) for the past few years but began using it on a daily basis when I came to RIT because as anyone in SCB knows, any Social Media is crucial in the business world, especially in New Media Marketing.  I am also on Facebook and LinkedIn: Courtney Tennant.

I came to RIT in I guess a non-traditional RIT fashion because I went through the college selection process with basketball on my mind.  As the time came to choose a school I looked at schools from the academic standpoint and where I would be happiest if I didn't have basketball, RIT was the place for me.  On my 2nd visit on Accepted Students Day, RIT became the clear choice for me from the moment I stepped on campus.  I could really see myself growing as a person and in the 2 years I have been here I have changed and grown into the more adult version I strive to be.

I am originally from Cortland, NY so just about two hours down the highway but for me that distance was perfect because my family and I are extremely close and they are still able to attend most of my games and be my biggest support system when the stress of RIT arises. 

I am really excited about helping you learn all about Semester Conversion and hope to make your transition to semesters a smooth one.  My goal is to prepare you for the upcoming changes and help you stay on track and graduate on time, Individual Advisement Plans (IAPs) will come in handy for this. And as I learn new information about the conversion (which becomes available everyday) I will pass it on to you.