Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Semester conversion for Kate Gleason College of Engineering Students

Continuing our blog series highlighting different bodies of students around campus, this week my research took me to KGCOE. If you are a KGCOE students and will not be graduating by the end of summer 2013 this means classwork and co-ops done before the end of summer 2013, you are effected by this transition and will need to complete an IAP. Here is what else I have discovered:
RIT Semester Conversion

Most students in KGCOE will take five courses per semester. Typically students will range from 15 to 17 credits per semester, the number of credits depends on labs in ones schedule. Another note is that some classes will be worth four credits instead of the typical three on semesters.

In terms of co-op, KGCOE students will be required to complete two semesters of co-op and two summers of co-op.

The number of classes students have left to take will be effected by their own personal IAP. Departments within KGCOE have been reaching out to students via their RIT e-mail. If students have not heard from their department, it is OK to stop into their office and set up an appointment.

A message from KGCOE, "March 15th is our target date to have all student's IAPs done and delivered. If your department has already reached out to you, please meet with them before the end winter quarter."

Your IAP will outline when you will be in classes and when you will be on co-op. It is beneficial for students to follow this schedule so we have enough classroom seats and co-op opportunities for all.

Students will NOT be able to register for fall semester until they have their IAP meeting.

RIT Semester Conversion


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