Friday, January 25, 2013

Semester Conversion for Athletes

With the semester conversion just a few months away it is time to start thinking about your fall semester 2013 schedule. For everyone at RIT, the system will be a change. Over the next few blog posts, we are going to be pushing out important information for different bodies of students to consider.

This week we will be discussing the important things to consider when making your schedule if you are a campus athlete:

  • Unlike in the quarter system when fall athletes were only impacted with one quarter and could take classes at different times during the winter and spring, there will be less flexibility due to the two semesters. Spring athletes unlike the current system will only have to think about one enrollment rather than their current two. Winter athletes will arguably be the most impacted because of the fact that both semesters will be affected. Winter athletes will have to talk through class options with their advisors and coaches.

  • Another important thing to consider if you are an athlete is co-op. Fall athletes will look into not going on co-op during fall quarter and have to discuss with coaches and advisors options for spring due to spring season/training. The reverse will be true for spring athletes. Winter athletes will have to work hand in hand with their coaches and advisors to develop a plan that will work for them.

All coaches are different, some will work with athletes missing preseason, postseason, or select practices during the week. Other coaches have a harder time working around student schedules. Athletes, you know your coaches and if you do have a problem sit down with the advisors specific for athletes to work through issues.

Each athlete will be affected differently; however, it is important to talk with your advisors and coaches to work through your individual plans.

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