Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things to Know

As RIT prepares to convert to semesters, there are a few things students will be discussing with their advisors:

  • How their program will make the transition to semesters from quarters.
    • This will be individualized based on what each student has taken in the past.
  • How GPAs will be affected on the semester system.
    • A Student's GPA will remain the same on semesters as it is on quarters.
  • How many credits do my classes equal? 
    • Unlike on quarters where classes are typically 4 credits, most classes will carry a weight of 3 credits. 
  • How will my credits be applied in the semester system?
    • Quarter credits to semester credits are calculated by multiplying the quarter credits by .67.
  • What new courses will be offered?
  • What old courses will be removed from programs?
  • How many courses students should take during a given semester.
    • The typical student will take 5 courses each semester.
  • How will Tuition Fees be affected?
    • Each student will pay the same total amount per year; however, each semester bill will be larger than a quarter bill has been in the past.  But rest assured it is the same price. 
****Get to know the facts about your program, so when you do meet with your advisor this year, you will have questions to ask.**** 


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