Monday, August 27, 2012

What does that hold on my account mean?

You may or may not have noticed a new hold on your student account in Student Center.  You may have freaked out a little bit or you may not have cared, well I am here to say not to worry.

First off, this is what the hold looks like:

 Click on details to see more.  This is the next screen you will see:
Now you may be questioning what Advising means or questioning what this hold means.  This hold has been put on your account due to the semester conversion.  In previous posts, I have mentioned I.A.P.s, this post is an Individual Advisement Plan hold.  It does not limit you from enrolling in classes for the winter or spring quarters; however, if you do not meet with your advisor before Fall 2013 Semester Enrollment (in approximately April 2013), you will not be allowed to enroll in classes.  Only your advisor can remove this hold.

You will need to see your advisor prior to the conversion; in order to, guarantee that you stay on track and graduate on time.  For those students graduating at the end the 2012-13 year, this hold does not apply to you.  For those not graduating this year, your advisor will be contacting you over the course of the next few months to set up an appointment.

You can bring any questions and concerns to this meeting and you and your advisor can sort through them together.

It is also important to remember, the IAP hold does not restrict you from registering for Winter and Spring classes, it will restrict you from registering for Fall Semester classes.  If you can not enroll in Winter Classes you may have a different hold on your account.  These holds could include a dean's hold, another advising hold, or a financial hold.  These holds will need to be resolved prior to enrollment and have nothing to do with semester conversion.

All students that were new to RIT this fall will have an advising hold on their account to talk over their next quarter schedules.  These two advising holds are different.  One is Academic Advising (IAP) and the other is Advising Required and if you have both, you will need to see your advisor to remove the winter quarter registration hold.

If you have any questions about holds you can email your advisor, stop into student services, or contact us on our Semester Conversion Facebook or Twitter.

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