Thursday, September 20, 2012

Changes in your Academic Program

Everyone is who not graduating prior to September 2013 will be effected by semesters.  Some students have gone above and beyond to avoid being on campus after the conversion but for those that will be here for this monumental strategic move for RIT here are some of the changes you will experience.

Your academic program may be shifting in one of the following ways:

  • a reduced number of credits to graduate (1 semester credit = .67  trimester credit)
    • Remember 1 semester credit will still equal 1 hour of class time.
  • More 3 credit classes will be offered
  • They average student will take five three credit courses per semester
Out side of your academic program campus changes will be made including:
  • The new SIS system
  • The billing schedule, though students  will still be paying the same amount on semesters as they would on quarters, they will be making larger payments at single periods of time (Totals will be divided by 2 rather than 3)
  • There will be a 3 week intersession of classes in January
    • This will be a fast paced class time which students can take a class to get ahead or catch-up on studies.
  • Course withdrawal dates will be shifted to fit the longer semesters.
  • Other academic policies will be modified as well.
Stay tuned for more information on:
  • Your program on quarters and semesters
  • Minors
  • Double Majors
  • Dual Degrees

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