Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Semester's Bring: Optional Classes on Breaks


Do you want to:

  • Engage in research projects with faculty?
  • Participate in a shortened study abroad experience?
  • Catch up with classes?
  • Get ahead in classes?
  • Take unique electives?
  • Take co-curricular courses?
But do not have the time with the quarter system?

Well these things may not have been possible on the quarter system but with the semester conversion this will all be possible.  The optional January Intersession will provide students with all of the above opportunities.  The intersession will run during the winter break between the Fall Semester and the Spring Semester and will last three weeks.

It is important to remember this session will be completely optional, as well as, the ten week summer term.

More information will be released regarding the 2013-14 intersession in the future.

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